Our Team



Christian Xell 
Founder, CEO 

Christian Tobler (since April 2019) 
Audio Transfers and Restoration 

Andrew Hallifax (until March 2019) 
Audio Transfers and Restoration

Martin Haslehner
Audio Engineering, Consultant

Fernando Vicente 
Shellac Collection Management


Our Partner

Sabine Melnicki, Ahoi
Website, support & communication


Special thanks go to former contributors

Roberta Mägli
The allround artist Roberta supported us in translation, support, backoffice – and in the Argentinian life in general.

Mariana Palacios
Mariana together with Ernesto Pereyra signs responsible for the lion's share of product photography.

Vera Palaoro
Vera brought in her talent and dedication as part of the introductory phase of TangoTunes, especially in the arrangement of the first collection. 

Ernesto Pereyra
The artist Ernesto together with Mariana Palacios signs responsible for the lion's share of product photography.

Christian Tobler
Christian from Argentango had significant influence in the development of the new digitalization chain.

Frank Jin
Frank trained as a violinist has added a lot to the difficult subject "right pitch". He was highly involved and responsible in some of the transfers of Todo de Juan and Todo de Ricardo. And, not to be underestimated, Frank sorted the quite comprehensive vinyl's collection of TangoTunes.