Our Philosophy

We know, Tango is more than dance and music.
Tango has a turbulent history that spans over continents. Tango Argentino is part of Argentinean and world history, is part of life philosophy, is language, is art. Tango is emotion, feeling, senses – a special attitude towards life.

Tango is an audible embrace.


We love good music. And share the best.

Music can mean comfort, joy, memories, feelings – and more. For us, Tango Argentino has it all.

We put every effort into identifying, finding, digitalizing and storing the best possible quality of Tango Argentino music. Quality means: best raw material of shellacs and vinyl records, best digitalizing, best composed tunes, best danceable tunes.

Simply: best Tango music for you.


If we have to choose, we choose like dancers.
A lot of Tango music was composed for dancing and in choosing our tunes we base our decision on the "danceability“ of the pieces. But that´s not all! When we choose like dancers, this means: with good sense of hearing, with a good feeling and the strong desire for progress.

With the strong desire for progress.


We appreciate the collaboration of old and young.

And that not only concerns our team members.

We preserve tradition by digitalizing analogue sound material. And we do this with the most up-to-date equipment. We connect the sense for traditional knowledge and cultural treasures with a passion for modern trends and technology.

Tradition and technology go well together.


A floor without dancers is empty.
And a website without visitors is too. If you have ideas or suggestions on how we can improve your musical experience, feel free to contact us. We are eager to read what you think.