Three, two, drumroll... Get to know our stars!

May we present to you: the best of the best Tango orchestras. Select the orchestra of your choice on the left to see what tunes are up for sale.

Then choose your favourite orchestra based on style, character and looks. Or choose like we do - by sound - and find that there's something special in all of them.

We are continuously expanding our range of tunes!

Francisco LOMUTO

The pianist Lomuto is no longer an insiders' tip,
his recordings from the 30ies are highly praised.
Lomuto's tangos are recognizable by playing a
diminished seven in the last bar.

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Rodolfo BIAGI

Biagi only ever recorded about 190 tunes, but
he is still heard at every milonga. His style
is very distinctive. We know the pianist as the
man with "Manos Brujas“ – bewitched hands.

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El señor del Tango – Carlos Di Sarli is an
essential part of Tango. The pianist started
his career in the 20ies and blossomed in the
40ies and 50ies. Subtle, finely nuanced, perfect.

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