Payment methods

At the moment we offer payment via PayPal and store credit.


With PayPal you pay easily, rapidly and safely. PayPal processes the payment via a bank account, without your having to put in the account details every time. Paypal is the preferred method of payment in many online stores. Further information about paypal on www.paypal.com.

For payment with PayPal you need a PayPal account with credit or stored credit card information. During payment you need to log in to your PayPal account and approve the payment. A new PayPal account can also be set up when you make your first payment.

Store credit

store credit input box

In our shop you can also purchase store credit for a reduced price compared to direct purchases, e.g. 250 Euro store credit for 235 Euro. You can buy store credit like any other digital product (a tune, an album) and the store credit will automatically be added to your user account. For your next purchases you can then choose to pay with your store credit.

In the basket you choose how much store credit you would like to redeem on your order. If there is a outstanding amount, you will need to use an additional payment method. If instead the price is reduced to zero, you still follow the ordering process as usual, but choose „No payment information necessary“ on the checkout page. Either way you have the tunes ready for download in your account.

Under „My credit balance“ in your user account you find details about your credit and the transaction history. You can also edit the setting there for notifications about changes in your store credit balance. (We recommend keeping this option activated, though.)

Ever wanted to send a tune as a gift? Now you can.
You can give store credit to your friends by simply sending it to their email address. For this, please only use the form in your user account! If you would like to print a voucher to hand over, you might want to get a store voucher. Read more about gift vouchers.

Note: Spare credit cannot be refunded. Store credit can only be redeemed on products in the store.

Discount codes/coupon codes/vouchers

discount code input box

When you possess a voucher code, enter it in the basket in the „discount code“ field, then the price of your order will be reduced by the amount of the voucher. The voucher will be redeemed once the transaction is completed.

Voucher codes are reserved for special promotions on Facebook and Twitter. They are not available for purchase.