How to order and download your tunes

At Tango Tunes we digitalize shellac and vinyl discs to the highest possible quality. Whether you are a TJ, dancer, musician or just a tango fan you can download them and play them in any music or media player.

Registration of a user account

You are of course welcome to browse our online store and have a listen but you need to create a user account before you can purchase or download any tunes. Feel free to look around first though.

You can register with an email address and your chosen password before or during the ordering process.

Note: The 2015 EU legislation requires TangoTunes to retain customers’ address/billing information.

Choosing tunes and prelistening

Search TangoTunes' ever expanding catalogue by using the search box at the top right of the home page.

  • Choose the vinyl tab to display all tunes digitized from vinyl disc. 
  • The shellac tab displays tunes digitized from shellac disc. 
  • The orchestras tab sorts the catalogue according to the most popularly searched orchestras.

The filters on the left of the page allow you to refine your search by, for example, displaying only tunes by "Juan D'Arienzo" featuring singer "Alberto Echagüe". Clicking on the tune’s title or image will reveal the full view giving more information. Simply click on the yellow "Play" symbol to listen to an excerpt.

play symbol


Note: The listening function does not work flawlessly in Firefox at the moment. We recommend using Google Chrome instead.

Shopping basket

To purchase a track, first select your preferred file type (M4A / FLAC / AIFF, subject to availability) from the drop down box before clicking "Add to basket". You can continue shopping and add a number of tracks to your shopping basket in this way. If you are registered with TangoTunes it’s best to log in before adding tunes to your basket. Once you’re done, click on "My Basket" at the top of the page to review your selection. Be sure to verify the quantity and file format of each of your selections.

basket symbol

Read more about the different file formats.

Note: If you are registered and logged in, the contents of your shopping basket will be saved for your next visit.

Once you have verified that everything is correct, you are ready to "proceed to checkout".


If you’re not yet registered with TangoTunes you can create a user account during the checkout process. It’s a simple single-page form requiring your name, address and email address. You’ll also be required to create a TangoTunes password. We cannot process your transaction if you do not have a user account. Select payment method where necessary, and review your order which appears at the foot of the page. Read and accept the AGB and the privacy policy and finalise your order by clicking "Place Order".


You will automatically be sent an email confirming your order as soon as the transaction is completed. You will find your selected sound files in "My downloads" in your user account on the TangoTunes website. Each tune comprises 2 download links, as an insurance in case your first download is interrupted.

download icon

Recommended method for downloading:

1. Simply click on the download link to open the download screen. Then, click on the icon to start downloading.

2. When you prefer to choose a different saving destination than your default download folder, right-click on the icon in the popup.

If your downloads ever break down or are interrupted, send an email to our support at support@tangotunes.com and we will send new links straight away.