Choose the perfect file format

TangoTunes provides files in different file formats. Here we quickly explain which file format is best for you.

We provide the files in three basic formats:

  • FLAC – 24bit / 96 kHz – MONO
    This format is for audiophile connoisseurs, who would like to enjoy the best sound quality on high-end audio equipment. FLAC is the same standard as the original files we create during the digitization process. All the information we capture is saved. FLAC is open source and uses lossless data compression. Each file is typically ~50 MB. FLAC files are not easily played on a Mac and are not supported by iTunes. Almost any PC media player will play them.


  • AIFF – 16bit / 44.1 kHz – MONO
    AIFF is good for meta-tagging and practically every music player can play it. AIFF is compatible with Mac or Windows players. They're uncompressed audio at CD quality. AIFF files are smaller than FLAC. 


  • M4A – 16bit / 44.1 kHz – STEREO
    Similar to AIFF, M4A is playable in popular music players. It is the classical iTunes file format. M4A is like MP3 a lossy file format retaining about 10 % of the original data. As a result, they're quick to download and occupy very little disc space. Most people find them acceptable for most music under most listening conditions. 


"Do I need M4A, AIFF or FLAC?"

The M4A format is only available in tunes from digitizations until mid 2014. All new releases and re-digitizations will only be provided in AIFF and FLAC.

> If you don't want to concern yourself with file formats and simply want to play the music in iTunes or any other music player, go for AIFF (or M4A, resp.).

> If you're looking for this little difference, invest in your equipment and know how to handle file conversion, you better opt for FLAC.


What music players can you use?

Here is a list of music players available and maybe just right for you. Please inform yourself thouroughly before you choose to change your music player!

Apple Mac (OS X)




Windows Media Player does support AIFF, but no FLAC, M4A support only since version 12 (Windows Media player file formats).

Please find a more extensive list of audio players on the TangoTunes blog.

In case you are unsure about your preferred music file format, get in contact with us.