FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you sell CDs?

No, we do not sell physical CDs. All our products on the website are digital downloads.

When trying to download I clicked the link and now it shows "Expired". I received no files - what can I do?

First-aid: Please contact our Technical Support, we will reactivate your links. 

Each tune and album comes with 2 download links, in case your connection breaks off or your browser has a bad day.


Why can I not download any tunes on my iPad, iPhone, iPod?

The tunes have to be downloaded and saved onto a hard drive, before they can get imported into iTunes.

Apple and iPad/iPhone/iPod out of the box do not support the download of the files straight onto the hard drive of the device. This can only be achieved indirectly. Until we offer this special function, please, always download the tunes from your desktop PC/laptop.


What is the most significant difference between shellacs and vinyl records?

A vinyl record holds between 10 and 14 titles, every shellac between 2 and 4, both sides together.

Shellacs are older than vinyl records. The material is fragile, breaks easily and handling them demands more care. This also means that in most cases, the sound quality of the shellacs exceeds that of the vinyl records. Thus, we focus on the search, purchase and the digitalization of shellacs.


What are the ideal settings for my iTunes?

To have the saved information ideally displayed in iTunes, set the following column headlines to visible:

  • Album-Artist: The orchestra is listed as album artist (see next question).
  • Artist: The singer is listed as the artist. If there is no singer on a tune, the orchestra is listed again (e.g. Album-Artist: Rodolfo Biagi, Artist: Rodolfo Biagi). We avoid the word "Instrumental" in the metatags, as it would make your search for a tune on your iPod or mp3 player more difficult.
  • Comment: The complete recording date is listed in the comment field, because iTunes only includes the year in the field “year”.

Set column by the example "Album-Artist (in iTunes 10 under Mac OS X):

  • Right mouse click on column headlines, place checkmark for „Album-Artist“. Arrange columns as needed. OR
  • Menu >Display >Display options (Apple+J), set checkmark for „Album-Artist“.

Why does iTunes list the orchestra under Album-Artist?

Many Tango songs actually have two artists: one orchestra and one singer. We decided to list the singer under “Artist” and the orchestra under “Album Artist”, as this way an album can still be displayed as a whole in spite of different singers.

If you wish to see the orchestra, set your column display to show the “Album Artist” as well.


In iTunes the titles of an album are only shown individually. How can I group the album?

Highlight all titles >Info >Part of a compilation: YES


Why do you not offer WAV files?

The WAV format is also an uncompressed format like FLAC. However, WAV format does not allow tagging (metatagging = the information about the song like the orchestra, singer, recording date etc. are included in the file itself). Thus, for a well-structured music library with all information we need the FLAC files. Every one of our tunes is fully tagged. When you add it to your music library you have all information available immediately. In addition FLAC is open source, fast and stable. If you wish, you can convert your FLAC files into a different format. If you are not sure how to do this, please contact our Technical Support.


I also own a few Tango vinyls. Do you need them?

In general we collaborate with known collectors of large counts of shellacs and vinyl records. The logistic effort is usually too great for single records, and we do not offer private digitalization. Still, if you believe you are able to support us, feel free to contact us.


I’d like to pass on my TangoTunes sound files to friends. May I?

No. But we know the possibilities and are aware of the fact that we cannot prevent this. Therefore we call upon your conscience and knowledge about the fact that every illegal circulation of sound files sabotages the project. Sad, but true.

You will find more details about this topic in our general terms and conditions.