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Original post 10th October 2016, update: 26th June 2017: added 2 new albums

So we did it again, we published Biagi for the second time! This time completely and under Golden Ear conditions.

Rodolfo Biagi is again an Odeon artist like Pugliese and Caló. Biagi is special in many ways, at least to us! It was no coincidence that the first releases from TangoTunes from Shellacs were Biagi transfers. It was the so called Biagi 100 series.

Many people asked us why we started with Biagi, as there are the Reliquias transfers and they are seen as fairly good transfers. Well, with the experience of today we would maybe not have published Biagi 100, but back then we had decided to do so.

Before discussing this first compilation we want to tell you the following about reimbursements for Biagi 100 buyers:

The Biagi compilations

All buyers from the original Biagi 100 series will get their former investments credited after we finished our Todo de Rodolfo series.

The Todo de Rodolfo series will consist of 4 compilations covering all recordings until end of 1952. (We have not yet decided if we proceed with the 1953–1962 recordings as well, because some are missing and in general the commercial CDs from this period provide good quality. But we will publish the 143 recordings until end of 1952.)

Compensation for former purchases of Biagi 100

Approximately four weeks after the final 4th compilation (mid/late 2017), we roll out the compensations.

  • If you bought Rodolfo Biagi shellac tunes from the Biagi 100 series and now purchase a new Biagi compilation, you will get compensated for your former purchases.
  • You will be credited with the price you paid for the old tunes (not the new ones, naturally).
  • The compensation comes in form of store credit: You can redeem store credit from your personal account on your next purchase.


You bought Biagi 2/4 for 25 Euros and now get a compilation for 45 Euros, where 17 tunes are from the older compilation. Since you bought an equivalent of 17 Euros of tunes already before, you will be credited with 17 Euros worth in store credit.

Info about the process:

  1. We will start rolling out store credit compensation after the last Rodolfo Biagi compilation of this series.
  2. Once we put the store credit into your account, you will receive a notification email.
  3. Whenever you decide on any new tunes, you can use the store credit to reduce the price of your new order.
  4. Choose the store credit amount you’d like to redeem in your shopping basket and substract it from the sum.

Please note:

  • We can offer compensations only for purchases of full Golden Ear albums (and not single tunes).
  • We cannot offer compensation in form of money refunds.
  • The store credit is only usable on new purchases other than Rodolfo Biagi, not on Rodolfo Biagi tunes themselves.

Legal notice: This offer is excluding the jurisdiction of a court.

We look forward to you joining us in our joy over the new Biagi releases!

Don Xello y el equipo de TangoTunes

TangoTunes Cover – Todo de Rodolfo, Rodolfo Biagi, 1
TangoTunes Cover – Todo de Rodolfo, Rodolfo Biagi, 1

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