New filter: Golden Ear Quality

We introduced a new filter in the catalogue: Now you can search for tunes and albums in the Golden Ear Edition.So, whether you want to know, what albums and tunes have been released since we introduced the new Golden Ear edition or you want to filter for M4a/AIFF tunes – use the filter to find out.

Here is how it works:

Filter by quality

With the filter “Quality” you can search for tunes and albums in the newer “Golden Ear” edition. Older editions are to be found in “Other”.

Are you interested in a certain file format? Then let’s recall the file formats available:

  • If you opt for FLAC, the entire cataloge is at your hand. All tunes are offered in FLAC format.
  • If you prefer M4A, you will have to go for the older tunes and albums. You can show them by filtering with “Other.”
  • If AIFF is the file format of your choice, then look for all those new albums and tunes and filter with “Golden Ear Edition”.

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