Last call Caló!

Last Call Caló!

We decided to publish all available recordings by Miguel Caló from 1947 to 1950. We almost succeeded – apart from 6 tunes.

What can you expect now from the new tunes?

Listen to Roberto Arrieta in his typical style of singing with this remarkable baritone voice. We also hear the last tunes from great singer Raúl Iriarte including the infamous vals El plebeyo, where a plebeyo (a commoner) loves a noble woman and is lamenting about inequality. Wonderfully accompanied by the choir Palacios-Riverol-Cabral:

“Señor, porque los seres no son de igual valor!”

Roberto Rufino with his incredible voice showing once again his aptitude to even sing opera.

There is this unknown Ricardo Blanco who brings a special atmosphere into these few tangos he recorded with Caló during this period.

One time shots from Mario Cané and Juan Carlos Fabri (there are a few more recordings in the fifties). Fabri can be mixed with Blanco in a tanda, we believe.

The inevitable Raúl Beron is also present with his typical timbre and we have some instrumentals also good for not so often played tandas.

The transfers

All tunes are transferred under Golden Ear conditions, but unfortunately 6 tunes are missing.

We decided nevertheless to publish it under Todo de Miguel 3 as a compilation. In the future we will add a special “sign” if we have all tunes from a period. So Golden Ear refers in the future only to the quality of transfers and not to the completeness. We will mark all past compilations accordingly.

If you decide to buy only some tunes of this compilation, please do not close the deal with buying only 1 tune and 1 minute later the other tune. Only PayPal will be excited if you do so.

In this context please bear in mind that the higher the amount you once close a deal the relative more remain in TangoTunes’ pocket which is a perfect argument and therefore an invitation to you to buy credits. Thanks for your cooperation. Once TangoTunes has as many funds as PayPal you may withdraw this strategy.

Find all 30 tunes here:


What’s next?

With these tunes we finish with Miguel Caló.

Next will be Biagi and Gobbi, both in Golden Ear quality and both complete. Please see the upcoming releases list for up-to-date information about next releases.

Abrazo, Don Xello y el equipo de TangoTunes

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