Easy download process

Watching a download bar’s progress can be a satisfying, calming experience. Only a few seconds away from your tunes!

To enjoy this satisfying moment as often as possible, we make choosing, ordering and downloading tunes nicer for you. Have a look!

The new easier download screen

When you see this icon, you’re just a click away from your tunes! We know that for a lot of you the download process wasn’t always as much fun as it could be. So, to ease the process, we introduce the new, neat little download screen. “Click-click” and your tunes get downloaded.

How does it work?

  1. Simply click on the download link to open the download screen. Then, click on the icon to start downloading.
  2. When you prefer to choose a different saving destination than your default download folder, right-click on the icon in the popup*.
    *It’s a fake popup, so your popup blocker won’t catch it.

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