D’Arienzo compensation

Information about compensation for older versions of D’Arienzo shellac tunes

We almost feared it would happen: After our first phase of very good digitalizations since the start in 2013, we came across technology and processes, that promised even better sound quality.

(See also the liner notes to Juan D’Arienzo releases for information about the digitization changes.) So we just had to re-do some of our tunes, first off Juan D’Arienzo. We published the first shellac albums in the Golden Ear edition in March 2015. These tunes have the “Golden Ear” badge on the album cover.


Earlier on, we made a verbal promise about compensations for older tunes, in case we might have to interchange them at some point. D’Arienzo was first released mid 2013 and we would still like to keep this promise.

This is what we offer:

  • If you ever bought D’Arienzo shellac tunes or albums and now buy the new Golden Ear albums, you will get compensated in form of store credit for your former purchases.

From the first Golden Ear edition on, we will publish only in chronological order. This means, that older album setups do not necessarily equal the new ones. Not all tunes will get substituted and if so, in different order to former releases. So we can only compensate for tunes we release in the new editions, i.e. the tunes you, despite the differences between them, purchased twice.

  • The compensation comes in form of store credit: Store credit is credit in your personal account you can redeem on your next purchase.
  • The amount of the store credit is minimum the amount you paid for the old D’Arienzos – plus a few cents in your favour, if necessary to round the figures.

Example: You bought 1 tune for 1,29 and 1 album for 22,00. You now buy the new album, whereof 6 tunes you already bought. The value of these six tunes (1,29 + 5×1,00 = 6,30) is what you will get as store credit in your account.

Info about the process:

  1. You do not need to come to us actively. We will ourselves start rolling out the store credit compensations, latest after the last D’Arienzo compilation of the series is out.
  2. Once we put the store credit into your account, you will receive a notification email.
  3. Whenever you decide on any new tunes, you can use the store credit to reduce the price of your new order.
  4. Choose the store credit amount you’d like to redeem in your shopping basket and substract it from the sum.
  5. In case the price to pay is reduced to zero, you still need to go through the checkout process, but choose “No payment information required” on the last page.

Please note:

  • We can offer compensations only for purchases of full Golden Ear albums (and not single tunes).
  • We cannot offer compensation in form of money refunds.
  • The store credit is only usable on new purchases other than D’Arienzo, not on the D’Arienzo tunes themselves.

Legal notice: This offer is excluding the jurisdiction of a court.

Update: D’Arienzo refunds have all been sent out. If you have any questions about this compensation process or the store credit, feel free to get in contact with us at support@tangotunes.com.

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