Audio players and their file formats

What audio player is supporting which file format? It’s not always clear. It even might be that the music player supported a file format in a last version, but does not in the new version – although it’s usually the other way round and music players support more and more file formats.…

Talk with Carlos Puente about Juan D’Arienzo

November 2014

Summer afternoon in downtown Buenos Aires. Suitable scenery, this center that once was the center of the heart where tango lived through its golden era, for a meeting with Carlos Puente, who arrives at a tranquil pace, without strutting the treasure he carries with him.

D’Arienzo compensation

Information about compensation for older versions of D’Arienzo shellac tunes

We almost feared it would happen: After our first phase of very good digitalizations since the start in 2013, we came across technology and processes, that promised even better sound quality.…