Audio players and their file formats

What audio player is supporting which file format? It’s not always clear. It even might be that the music player supported a file format in a last version, but does not in the new version – although it’s usually the other way round and music players support more and more file formats.

What software do we recommend?

For Apple Mac (OS X) and Windows alike we recommend using Traktor, if you’d like to work with professional DJ software. We still have good experience with iTunes.

What music players can you use?

Here is a list of other music players available and one may be just right for you. This list includes recommendations of customers and friends and has not been tested by TangoTunes. Please inform yourself thoroughly and always check the official sources before you choose to change your music player!

Apple Mac (OS X)



  • GoDJ – software and hardware, “pocket music studio”

Not very recommended for DJing

A little side note: M4A, MPEG-4, MP4 is referring to the same file format: M4A is short for “MPEG-4-Audio”. If you can’t find any of these in the software specs, watch out for “AAC”.

In case you are unsure about your preferred music file format, get in contact with us.

A special thank you goes out to customers and friends mentioning their preferred music players (which have been added to the list above) and sharing their experiences, among them: DJ Alberto (Bern, CH), Christoph Grohs and Sonny.

We offer software experts to write about their preferred Tango DJ software as guest bloggers. Are you interested?

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